Campus Pastors

Jorge Alberto Lopez Martinez, “ KOKY”, Lourdes Campus Pastor

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Master’s of Divinity in progress

When Koky was young he thought he had his ticket to heaven secured. He considered himself to be a very good person; he had never killed or stolen from anyone and mostly got along with everyone. …..then with a college and a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree he thought he had success in life all wrapped up. He had everything except Christ. READ MORE


José Salvador “Chity” Escobar Cortéz, Apopa Campus Pastor & Director of IDEM

Bachelor’s Degree of Theology, in progress

When Chity graduated from High School in 1991 he was determined to live his life to the fullest. He had a bright future, good friends, and a good family, in short, almost everything. Although he believed in God, he had never imagined that he could ever really need Him. That was until he had a near drowning accident in the ocean. This incident caused him to realize that without Christ he was lost and condemned to hell. This very day, alone in his room, he made the decision to initiate a personal relationship with God. By invitation from friends, a few months later, he was attending Vida Nueva Baptist Church, meeting with the youth group, receiving discipleship, participating in retreats and going out on the evangelistic campaigns. Later he began to lead a small group, study in the seminary and begin to sense the very intense call of God upon his life. READ MORE>


David Aguilar, Hotel Campus and “The Other Half” Pastor

David was born on July 11, 1983 into a Christian home and family. He attended Sunday school from the time he was a baby. He accepted Christ at the age of 7. He spent his youth between two things, his studies and his favorite sport: fencing. Gradually David felt like he was deviating from the path that God had laid out for him. The conflicts in his life were becoming greater until one day, in a state of crisis at age 17. He decided to cry out for God’s help. He remembers talking with God and asking Him to change his tempestuous life into calm. God answered his prayer and David decided from that moment forward to never turn back and to only focus his life to serve the King. READ MORE


Cesar Mónico Panameño, Miralvalle Campus Pastor

Bachelor of Theology, October 2013.

Cesar was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, on September 10, 1973. He is the second of 4 siblings born into a Catholic household. From childhood he was enrolled in Catholic schools graduating from high school in 1990. In 1992 he not only began his college studies in electrical engineering but also totally strayed from the religious life he was trained up to practice. During college he met Mirela Guadalupe Quintanilla. She was raised in a Christian home and was a solid follower of Christ. Their friendship quickly blossomed into a relationship and finally in marriage one year later. 1994 marked two important life events, Cesar decided to leave school and join the workforce and they received the first of their three children, Andrea. Vanessa and Cesar Jr joined their family soon thereafter. The years flew by working hard and raising a family and, God was also at work preparing them for His plan. READ MORE