Edwin Alexander Bejarano Torres, Ministerial Director, Vida Nueva San Jose Costa Rica

December 2016

Edwin Alexander Bejarano Torres, Ministerial Director, Vida Nueva San Jose Costa Rica

Edwin Alexander Bejarano Torres was born in San Salvador, El Salvador on June 27, 1978 into a very poor but hard working Catholic family. When Edwin was 9 years old, in 1987, a group of people came from a Christian church to his neighborhood to do a puppet drama and then came back every Sunday to take all the children who wanted to go, to church, this continued for 2 years, however Edwin still did not fully understand what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  At age 11, (1989), a combination of extreme poverty, a massive earthquake, and the civil war forced Edwin to go to work. At this point he was no longer able to attend the Christian Church he had been attending. By age 13 he was forced to also drop out of school, but fortunately was able to return to night school at age 14. He graduated from High School with an emphasis in Computers in December of 1998. These were very difficult years in Edwin’s life, he was rebellious towards God, living a wild life and at age 19 (April 1998) fathered a child, Edwin Jr. outside of marriage.

In late 2000 Edwin met Veronica Alfaro playing soccer, their dating relationship lasted 5 years. During this time and then some Edwin worked as an Automobile Air Conditioning Technician. God used this job to bring him to Himself. The secretary invited Edwin to come to the JUDGMENT HOUSE presentation at Vida Nueva San Salvador. On February 17, 2005 he attended, his life was forever impacted by the message portrayed in that drama, that day he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. The very next day he took Veronica to Judgment House where she also gave her life to the Lord.

One year later, Edwin and Veronica were married (March 5, 2006). They were blessed by having Rodolfo and Rocio Avendaño assigned to them for discipleship. It was through them and God’s Word that they learned that God wanted to use their marriage for His glory. In late 2007, Edwin and Veronica were asked to pastor a Small Group of married couples. This ministry served as training ground for the next step the Lord had waiting for them. In 2008, Edwin and Veronica got involved in Short Term Missions through Vida Nueva, traveling mostly to Managua to do outreach, follow up, and discipleship. The Lord used those trips to touch their hearts for missions. In December 2008, a missionary from Mexico City visited Vida Nueva San Salvador; his very moving message touched their hearts for missions and gave them a vision for the Lost like never before. In June 2009, they shared their heart for missions with Pastor Rodolfo Avendaño who was already serving in San Jose Costa Rica. In January 2010, they moved to San Jose, Costa Rica as Metro America 020 missionaries to serve with Rodolfo and Rocio.

In June of 2012, Edwin and Veronica welcomed another son, Matias, into their family.

They are currently serving alongside Rodolfo and Rocio in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, counseling, youth, men’s, women’s and children’s ministries.