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Fabricio Alexander Benavides, Senior Pastor of the Baptist Mission in Caserio los Fuentes, Morazan, El Salvador

Fabricio Alexander Benavides was born on June 29, 1979 in La Unión, El Salvador. When he was young his parents decided to move to San Francisco Gotera, in Morazan, El Salvador. He grew up there with his 3 sisters and his grandmother. When he was 13 years old he was invited to attend the Buenas Nuevas Baptist Mission in Gotera, however he did not care to attend at that time. It was then that the Lord began to work in his heart, and one year later he gave his life to Christ. Six months later he was baptized. In 1998 he graduated from High School with his certificate in public accounting, and in 2002 he added another degree, Computer Professor. His youth years were marked by studying hard and serving the Lord in a variety of ministries such as Sunday School, Youth Group, Drama team, and Puppet Ministry.

Then, Fabricio got a job at the Credit Union of Gotera, where he worked for 8 years. During this time he was also preaching in the youth group for 5 years. At the age of 28, Fabricio was appointed by the pastoral staff and elected by the congregation to be a pastor, joining the present staff of 4. He continued serving in that congregation in Gotera for 3 more years. For 2 years he prayed and asked the Lord to allow him to start a mission in the town of Corinto, which is near Gotera. During that time a piece of land was even spied out as a possible location for such a mission. But the Lord had other plans for Fabricio, and not long thereafter called him to go to a different community, Caserio Los Fuentes, where he is presently serving.

In 2013, Fabricio officially founded the Baptist Mission in Caserio Los Fuentes. Thanks to a donation from two brothers in Christ, they were able to purchase a piece of land and begin the construction of a sanctuary. The construction project has demanded a lot of time and effort from Fabricio as well as Magdaleno, a member of the congregation and the project manager.

Fabricio is the Senior Pastor of the Baptist Mission in Caserio los Fuentes. Every day his desire is to honor the Lord and advance His Kingdom in the area that has been entrusted to him.

 Some information about the Baptist Mission in Caserio Los Fuentes, Morazan, El Salvador:

The church is located in the rural mountains of Morazan, El Salvador. The foundation is built upon a mountainous rock base which has made the construction quite difficult. Nevertheless the sanctuary is completed and they are hoping to finish the construction of the restrooms in a few more months.

The Vision of the Mission is to raise up leaders that are well grounded in the Word of God and are willing to be sent out to Expand God’s Kingdom with the Good News.

Some highlights from 2013-2014:

 The church officially started holding services in late 2013.

  • The founding members numbered 35. They were all new believers who were baptized and are currently being discipled.
  • The current church attendance is 40 people (adults, youth, and children)
  • The staff is composed of 3 people: Senior Pastor Fabricio, Magdaleno, and his wife, Marta. Between the three they share the leadership of the Sunday School, the continuing construction project, and the follow up of the new believers.
  • During the most recent evangelistic outreach 60 people made professions of faith, this is a tremendous victory for this brand new church.

The Mission Bautista Caserio los Fuentes would appreciate so very much your support. You can support them by praying for them and the finalization of their construction project, the parking lot which is still needed, another building for the Sunday School, and a retaining wall that is needed to protect the property and construction from being washed out by rain storms. You can also pray for those who live in Caserio los Fuentes, that the Lord would remove the spiritual blindness and give them hearts that seek The Truth. Below are a few photos from the mission church.

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