Good News In Action Newsletter, April 2018


Every year we look for creative ways to accommodate the growth in our church in San Salvador, El Salvador. We have already increased to 13 services during the week and now we are going to add a new campus and go to 15 services. We find ourselves in need of adding a new campus because the government, after they had given us the hope of giving us the permits for the new property, changed direction and told us that they were definitely rejecting the permits for our property. It was a huge blow as we had done all our long-range planning around the idea of moving to the new property during the next few years and building an auditorium that would seat 1,500-2,000. After we got over the initial shock (many of you know that we have been battling this problem, along with the bridge, for over 10 years), we saw God’s hand in moving us to sell the property and start a new campus on the southwest side of the city, the area that is experiencing the greatest growth. Our projections are that the new campus will probably eventually become the main campus as there are a lot of properties with space to grow. The area of our other campuses is basically land locked. We are excited about not only starting the new campus, but also a mid-week evangelistic service. The new service will focus on themes that will attract lost people and creating an ambient favorable for connecting with lost people and new believers. Our other services are more set up for believers and teaching. Please pray for the sell of the new property and for finding a place to meet.
In February we had the Judgment House again and had over 300 professions of faith and over 200 rededications to the Lord. The exciting thing is that almost everyone who attended was a friend, workmate, neighbor or classmate of one of our members. This fact has been reflected in the follow-up. Our services have already grown by more that 80 new people from the Judgment House, so we are very excited about the results!

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