Ivan Contreras, Director of Discipleship

Ivan Contreras was born on December 6, 1968, the fourth of five siblings. His father was a country man who studied hard to become a lawyer and graduated from college in Spain. His mother came from a very wealthy family. When Ivan was 2 years old, his family was living out a nightmare. Not only were there conflicts in the home but his father received multiple death threats because of his political affiliation, and their house was attacked by small bombs several times. Nevertheless, the Lord used this turbulent time in their lives to guide them to the Prince of Peace. Both his parents sought Christ, received Him as Lord and Savior and began to walk in new life. In this context, Ivan grew up in a Christian home. He made a profession of faith at the age of 7, and by 11 he totally understood what it meant to follow Christ, thanks to his Sunday school teachers.

Ivan’s youth years were spent between school and his youth group. This is where he met Roxana Guadalupe Solis. At the age of 13 both served on the youth praise team. They became close friends and two years later, during a youth camp, they decided to begin a formal relationship. On December 14, 1991 Ivan, 23, and Roxana, 22, were married. From the very beginning their relationship was founded upon the Lord. They both married their one and only true love.

Academically, Ivan graduated with degrees first in Marketing and later in Business Administration. Roxana studied Communications.

Ivan and his family came from the El Camino Church to Vida Nueva in 2001 upon the invitation of the senior pastor, Julio Contreras, Ivan’s older brother. Since the very beginning they have served in Worship and Praise, Life Groups, Couple’s discipleship, and Youth Ministry, among other things.

Currently, Ivan is the Director of Discipleship. He serves to assist in every possible towards the transformation of people’s lives through Biblical Discipleship. Roxana is his constant helpmeet. They have two children, Ivan Alberto born in 1994, and Rebeca Eunice, born in 2004.

Some Words from Iván:

“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21 “Few believe that verse. Our lives must be for Christ especially in the midst of the things and the cares of this world that so easily steal our attention. Your life MUST be Christ! Only then will you see death as gain because you have not attached yourself to this world but rather to Christ who you will see face to face.”