Jorge “Koky” Lopez, Lourdes Campus Pastor

Jorge Alberto Lopez Martinez, “ KOKY “

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Master’s of Divinity in progress

When Koky was young he thought he had his ticket to heaven secured. He considered himself to be a very good person; he had never killed or stolen from anyone and mostly got along with everyone. …..then with a college and a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree he thought he had success in life all wrapped up. He had everything except Christ.

One day during the civil war in El Salvador in the middle of a guerilla attack Koky and his family were trapped in their house under the cross fire. It was that day that he really thought about death for the first time. Thankfully, the Red Cross was able to get to them and evacuate them from that area, but the scare of death caused him to realize that had he died he would have gone to hell because he did not know Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

In November of 1992 his school’s director shared the gospel with him and his girlfriend (now wife, Ena Sofia). Right then and there they both received Christ and sought to live a life that would please Him. Koky’s close friend and fellow dentist Carlos Vasquez invited them to Vida Nueva. They both began to grow quickly and get involved in the life of the church. In 1994 Koky, Ena, and their son Rafael went on a mission trip to Guatemala with Vida Nueva. Handing out “Big Question Gospel Tracts” in the city park was one of the first outreach activities they were involved in. God used the excitement of being able to share the gospel with other people and touched Koky’s heart and filled him with purpose and joy.

A few years later Koky began teaching Sunday School and in 1998 was offered the High School Pastor position which he fulfilled until 2003. From 2003 until 2012 Koky was Vida Nueva’s Outreach and Missions Pastor.

Since 2012 Koky has served as the Lourdes Campus Pastor. He also continues to be a dentist part time. Koky loves the Lord and loves people and it shows!