Luis Flores, Cacaopera

Luis Flores and Family 6.14image001Luis Enrique Flores was born on January 26, 1975 into a disintegrated home in San Miguel, El Salvador. His biological father left the family when he was 4 years old. One year later, his mother remarried and his step-father adopted him and his brothers. His dream of a happy life quickly became a nightmare filled with conflict and hostility. Luis spent the majority of his time away from home.

At the age of 17, Luis met Maritza de La Paz Vasquez (who became his wife). She was born on November 17, 1979. Soon after they met, they became a couple.

In 1996, when Luis was 20, he and Maritza both trusted Christ as Lord and Savior. Some friends of theirs shared God’s plan of salvation with them and they were saved by God’s grace.

They were both anxious to grow, so they began attending a local Christian church in San Miguel. Luis had come from a conflictive and substance abuse home, while Maritza had come from a religious home but completely without Christ. Both totally fell in love with Christ in their new church.

Both began to serve in church while also working full time in their communities. Luis’ first ministry was that of keeping the church clean, they both also participated in the evangelistic outreaches. The Lord was really working in their lives; convinced by God’s Word to honor Him, they were married on September 14, 1996. One year later they both got involved in youth ministry as leaders and in 1999 Luis started a home Bible Study in the Monte Grande area of San Miguel. During this time, Luis worked as a book salesman for a publishing house.

In 2001, God began to call Luis into full time service; He was to be a full time Pastor. After taking some time to pray about this with his wife, they obediently faced this new phase in life as a family. In 2002, Luis was commissioned as a missionary to start a new work in Monte Grande, and one year later he was ordained as the Senior Pastor of that work. God used him to establish that church, train leaders, and establish ministries in Monte Grande for 8 years. (2002-2010)

During their years in Monte Grande, Luis and his family traveled often to the Morazán department in El Salvador, specifically to Cacaopera, to vacation in the mountains and alongside the beautiful rivers in this area. Every time they went there, Luis’ heart grew and grew in his desire to serve God there. In 2010 the Flores family decided to move to Morazán, where Ramiro Claros resided. Ramiro was the pastor of the mission church in the municipality of Corinto. The goal of the Flores family was to spend a few months in Corinto, while they prayed and sought the Lord on this decision; whether they should stay in Morazán or not, and establish a new work there.

The Lord confirmed the call upon the Flores’ family when Pastor Rene Claros commented to Luis that they, as leaders, had been praying for a family who would come and start a new church in Cacaopera. So, in 2012 the Flores family moved to Cacaopera and started that new work

Luis and Maritza have 4 children. Their oldest, Enrique Abraham, was born on October 9, 1995. The Lord continued to bless them with Sara Elizabeth, born on December 17, 1997, and finally a pair of precious twin girls, Genesis Margarita and Maritza Abigail, born on June 19, 2004. Luis, in addition to being the Senior Pastor at the Cacaopera church, also repairs sound equipment. His job not only helps to provide for his family but it also gives him the opportunity to meet new people that he probably would not otherwise meet and share the gospel with them.

Maritza is a virtuous woman, dedicated to her family. She also helps provide for her family by working in both embroidery and piñatas industries. She is actively discipling women at church. She has been tried by the Lord on numerous occasions, but the most difficult was when she was hospitalized for 20 days while pregnant with the twins. While Maritza was in Intensive Care, the doctors did not give her much hope of coming out alive; nevertheless, the Lord healed her and lifted her back up to full life and gave her two beautiful new daughters.

Some personal words from Luis Enrique:

God has used the life of Joshua to motivate me in my life and ministry, especially Joshua 1:8, where the Lord calls him to meditate upon His Word as a young man starting out in ministry. “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.” Now after some years of experience in ministry, I can see why God exhorted him to hold fast to His Word. His Word is KEY.

About the Good News Baptist Mission in Cacaopera

Cacaopera is characterized by a large indigenous population, in fact 80% is indigenous; they speak the dialect of “Kakawira”, and practice a culture that is a mix of the Catholic and Mayan religions.

Luis Enrique Flores was established at the Senior Pastor on November 15, 2012. Since that time they have initiated two small daughter missions, one in El Tablón and the other in Copante. Luis dedicates Fridays to preaching God’s Word in these areas using sound equipment for Bible verses due to the fact that the majority of people who live in these areas are not able to read.

The church is actually divided in to 5 small groups according to their location:

  1. El Tablón
  2. Copante
  3. La Crucita
  4. El Ocotillo
  5. Downtown Cacaopera

All 5 groups come together on Sundays at 9 AM for church. Some of the members have to walk as far as 2 hours to come.

Pastor Luis is currently using Discipleship I, the 16 lessons from Vida Nueva, and Discipleship II, to raise up servants and leaders.

General Information from 2013-14:

 700 people heard the gospel during 2013 by way of a variety of evangelistic ministries they carried out in all the areas they are working.

  • 6 new people have joined the church
  • 4 people were baptized
  • 4 people received the discipleship course.
  • The membership of the church is 110 people.
  • The actual ministries are:

o   Sunday School, led by Ana Maria

o   Discipleship, led by Luis Enrique

o   Sunday Services, led by Luis Enrique

o   Weekday services, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

o   “Plan Hormiga”, a ministry whose purpose is to go out and help repair homes in the area. This service Project is used to make contact with people who they might not make contact with in any other way, for the purpose of sharing the gospel with them.

Please join us in prayer for the Good News Baptist Mission in Cacaopera. Please ask the Lord to soften the hearts of those who live in the greater Cacaopera area so that they can come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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