Mauricio Lagos, Assistant to the Seminary Director

Mauricio and Patty Lagos May 2014Oscar “Mauricio” Lagos Burgos was born on November 10, 1957. When he was 30 years old a friend of his invited him to a Bible Study. After attending for 6 months, he decided to give his life to Christ. Immediately he began to share his new faith with, who was at that time his girlfriend and now his wife, Carmen Patricia Gonzales, who was born on May 21, 1961. Soon thereafter, she also trusted Christ as her Lord and Savior. Both began to attend a Christian Church. In August of 1988 Mauricio was baptized and two years later, on August 18, 1990, Mauricio and Patty were married.

Mauricio met Julio Contreras and Nelson Rivas at Miramonte Baptist Church where he attended. Almost immediately they became best friends. One day Julio shared with Mauricio and a few other friends, the vision that he and Steve Kern had, to plant a new church in San Salvador that would be Biblically fundamental and would equally emphasize a passion for souls with spiritual growth through personal discipleship. And that is how Mauricio became a part of that pioneer group that founded Iglesia Bautista Vida Nueva. Mauricio and Patty were a part of the church from the very first meeting in January of 1991. Vida Nueva was officially and legally established in June of 1991.

Mauricio quickly grew in the study of God’s Word. In 1992 he was elected as a deacon to the church. He faithfully served in the Lord’s work through evangelism, discipleship of new believer men, and became a leader of a Life Group, among other ministries.

Mauricio and Patty had always desired to have a child. They waited upon the Lord and His perfect timing. Finally in 1999 the Lord blessed them with their son, Samuel Mauricio, who to this day, is their one and only beloved son.

Mauricio has attended Vida Nueva’s Theological Seminary and is actually its first graduate with a Master’s Degree in Divinity.

In 2013 Mauricio decided to leave his full time job so he could dedicate more time to service for the Lord and also to his family, mostly his son. When Mauricio mentioned this to Julio and Steve, they offered him the position of Academic Director to the Theological Seminary. Mauricio assumed this position in September 2013 and continues in this capacity to this day. The Lord willing, Mauricio hopes to soon join the teaching staff of the seminary as a professor for a couple courses.

A Message from Mauricio:

Working for church is the same as working for the Lord; I’ve done that for 28 years. Investing in the Kingdom is the best use of our material goods, our knowledge, and our time that the Lord has given us. Investing in the Kingdom is key. We have missions in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and very soon, Colombia. These missions need resources, not just finances, but also volunteers who will help them grow their churches. I’d like to encourage you to get involved in your local church, and think about how you might be able to serve in missions. Invest in the Kingdom, it is worth it and bears fruit for eternity.