Ena Sofia Lopez, Director of Women’s Ministries

Ena Sofia Avelar was born on September 19, 1968, the oldest of 3 children. Her father was a notary and lawyer, educated in Spain, her mother was a secretary who worked for the government. Her parents practiced no religion, but rather wanted their children to grow up free to make their own decisions. Fortunately, they were never opposed to Ena’s interest in seeking God and in her going to church.
As a young lady, Ena studied Dentistry in college. There she met Koky Lopez, and before graduation, the two participated in a dental health seminar held at a public school. The director of that school was Christian, and she shared the gospel with them. Because of her upbringing, Ena had no idea who Jesus was and did not understand what she was being told, but nevertheless, she (an Koky, who was her boyfriend at the time) prayed the sinner’s prayer by faith and right then and there received the Lord.
Ena and Koky were married in the Miramonte Baptist Church in 1994. Shortly thereafter, they moved their membership to Vida Nueva and welcomed a son, Rafael, who Ena homeschooled for 9 years. He is currently in college on a full scholarship, in Cedarville, Ohio, studying Marketing.
From the time Ena and Koky were married, their desire was to know the Lord more each day. They have had the privilege of ministering together first with preschool children, later older children, then adolescents, finally youth which they pastored for 6 years. They have both faithfully served in Good News in Action during mission trips.
In 2010, Ivan Contreras invited Ena to consider leading Vida Nueva’s Women’s Ministries which she accepted. Her first challenge was to form small groups for all the women for the purpose of ministering to them and meeting their needs.
Currently, Ena overseas 30 small groups of women of all ages and statuses. These groups exist to study the Bible, to spend time in prayer for their husbands and children, to learn practical things to assist them in their roles as women, wives and mothers. She also faithfully serves the Lourdes campus of Vida Nueva where Koky is the Campus Pastor and participates in discipleships as well as seminars such as Love and Respect.
It is Ena’s desire that every woman joyfully surrenders her life to the Lord and allows Him to transform her life so that she might serve other women and in doing so, expand His Kingdom.