Fran Flores, Director of Adults 25-35 and Audio Visual

Fran was born in San Salvador on October 29, 1983, the oldest of 3 siblings. He had the good fortune of growing up in a Christian home with his brother and sister as his parents became Christians right when he was born. His father is a medical doctor and his mother is a stay at home mom.
Fran personally met Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior when he was 6 years old. He heard a sermon one Sunday about heaven and became concerned that he was not going to heaven. When he told his father about how he felt, his dad took a gospel tract and explained the gospel to him using the illustrations found on the tract. It was at that time that he chose to believe in Jesus and receive Him as his Lord and Savior. Fran was baptized at the age of 11 and began his service to the Lord at that time by playing the keyboard with in the Praise and Worship band.
Over the next few years, the Lord allowed Fran to grow physically as well as spiritually. He began discipleship and learned how to share the gospel, as well as serve in missions, teach children, and disciple other youth, all prior to graduating from High School. After graduation, in 2000, Fran moved to Canada with the purpose of learning English. During that time, he was invited to stay in Canada more than once, but God had placed a clear call upon his heart that he wanted him in El Salvador. At the time, he did not understand when or how God was going to use him, he was just sure that he wanted to serve his King any way possible.
When Fran returned to El Salvador in 2002, began studies in Industrial Engineering in San Miguel for 2 years. Then he moved to San Salvador and continued his studies switching to Biomedical Engineering. It was at that time Fran came to Vida Nueva. Once in Vida Nueva, Fran began to grow even more spiritually and develop ministerially in many ways. He was given the opportunity to minister in the areas of music, youth, and short-term mission trips as well as in many technical areas.
Early on in 2008, Fran met the person who would one day be his wife. At that time, Kim did not know the Lord. He had the opportunity to share the gospel with her, and without wavering, she believed and gave her life to Jesus. In October 2011 they were married, and since then, the Lord has done many things in their lives that have served to strengthen their faith and personal relationship with Him. They have also served together as a couple since the very beginning.
From 2011 to 2014, the Lord really got ahold of Fran’s heart and placed within him the idea of full time ministry as a pastor. In early 2014, Fran answered the Lord’s call despite his insecurities and fears. In April 2014, the Lord opened the door for Fran to come on staff full time with Vida Nueva. His first job was working with the Online Distance Program for Vida Nueva’s Seminary. Being on staff, Fran could learn close up from Julio, Steve, Alex, David, and others who minister at Vida Nueva. This position allowed Fran to not only prepare himself better academically through the seminary, but also to minister to youth and to learn from the lives of those he served with in ministry.
In 2017, God placed a burden upon his heart to raise up a strong ministry to young adults, and after talking to the other pastors about the idea, the position was born. As of July 2017, this ministry is in its development phase, a team is being formed and a ministerial strategy is being planned. The idea is to provide a ministry structure to care for and develop spiritually the young adults at Vida Nueva, to bring back those who have distanced themselves from the Lord, and to reach others in that age group who do not yet know Christ.
Fran and Kim have one daughter, Mia, born in April of 2016.