Guillermo Hernandez, Director of Level 2 Missions

Guillermo was born into a Catholic home who believed in God but without a healthy respect for Him. The first time he visited a Baptist church was with his maternal grandmother. She was the only one in the whole family that had a personal relationship with Christ. She was good enough to take Guillermo to church with her a few times between the ages of 8-10.
When Guillermo was 16 years old, he met Ana Gloria, the person who would become his wife at the age of 19, in 1977. Shortly thereafter, their first son was born, Guillermo Mauricio. God used his little newborn life to get Guillermo’s attention, his response was to make a pact with Him. The baby got very sick, was diagnosed with onset meningitis and was so seriously ill, that the doctors said only a miracle would save him. This situation brought Guillermo to his knees right beside his newborn’s hospital bed. There he cried out to God and asked him that if He had a purpose for their son’s life then to please let him live, and that if He did let him live, then he would serve Him. This same day at 6 PM, his son began to improve. The Lord was good to Guillermo and Gloria, giving them two more children, a daughter, Silvia Arely, and another son, Gabriel Eduardo.
Right at Guillermo and Gloria’s 5th wedding anniversary, Guillermo met a missionary from Guatemala who presented Jesus to him as his only Lord and Savior. That very day, September 14, 1982, Guillermo gave his life fully to Christ. Gloria also gave her life fully to Christ. To this day, both Guillermo and Gloria are so thankful to the Lord for His love that reached down and saved their souls. Guillermo’s decision to follow Christ marked his life, he left the old behind, and began to walk in new ways, also he began to study God’s Word. In 1994, Guillermo and his family came to Vida Nueva.
Over the years Guillermo has participated in Children’s and Youth ministries, couple’s small groups, Discipleship, Evangelism, Judgment House, VBS, IDEM, and is a Deacon. He currently serves as the Director of the Level 2 Missions Program known as Metro America 020. His responsibilities include directing the team that prays for all of Vida Nueva’s missionaries and works hard to raise the funds necessary to help them in times of need. He also oversees and directs every aspect of the short-term mission teams in El Salvador as well as all around Central America.
All three of Guillermo and Gloria’s children are married and they now enjoy their 4 beautiful grandchildren.