Missions In El Salvador

Manuel y Gladys Orellana April 2015Manuel & Gladis Orellana

Manuel Antonio Orellana Cisneros was born on May 30, 1949. Since childhood Manuel was a very hard worker. He came to know Christ when he was 7 years old, which resulted in rejection by his family. He attended the Baptist School of Santa Ana where he graduated from Ninth Grade. During the Civil War in El Salvador his life was threatened for not participating in the war. Rather than fighting he believed the Lord had called him to preach His Word and he was committed to being obedient. The Lord had a greater plan than what Manuel had imagined. Not long thereafter the Baptist Mission invited him to join their staff.

It was at that time, at age 17, that his call to serve the Lord by preaching His Word was confirmed.  The Lord showed Manuel the urgent need of planting churches that were balanced in their emphasis on evangelism and discipleship. Soon Manuel began to visit those people who needed Christ, sharing the gospel with them and also praying for their needs with them. When Manuel was 20, he met Gladis, they dated for 2 years and she became his wife and helpmeet in life and ministry. Manuel and Gladis have one daughter, Teresa, and 2 grandsons.

Many years later Manuel met Steve Kern and Good News in Action as a ministry. He began to work alongside Steve in the planting of new churches where he also pastored and preached the Word. The Lord had given him an even greater burden and love for people. In 1986 the Lord used him to plant Vida Nueva Apopa.  Since that time Manuel has been working with Steve and Good News in Action planting churches in the northern area of El Salvador.

A Few Words from Manuel:

The Lord made Psalm 27:10 a reality in my life when I felt alone and abandoned in my childhood, He literally took me up and raised me up, and I will be forever grateful for His love. “When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up.”

Some of The Lord’s recent accomplishments through Brother Manuel:

Manuel currently is pastoring 4 different churches:

  • Baptist Mission El Coyolito, founded in 2001.
  • Baptist Mission La Labranza, founded in 2004.
  • Baptist Mission Aguilares, founded in 2007.
  • Baptist Mission Nueva Concepción, founded in 2011.
  • Three of the four above missions are located in the Chalatenango department of El Salvador, Aguilares located in the greater metropolitan area of San Salvador
  • Manuel also works with national country pastors and helps them to make visits and take care of their members.
  • As the general coordinator for the works in the north, his job includes pastoring the deacons, leaders, and associate pastors with whom he works.
  • Gladis is responsible for overseeing the Children’s and Women’s ministries.
  • Manuel’s greatest need at this time is the financial support needed to maintain these 4 missions.

Please pray for Manuel and Gladis and all their work for the Lord. Even at their age, they trust the Lord to give them the good health and physical strength to continue serving with passion so that the Lord’s Kingdom continues to grow and expand. Also if the Lord leads you please join their team of supporters in helping them meet the needs of the 4 mission churches.