Omar Claros, San Francisco Gotera

Good News in Action’s history with Pastor Omar Claros Martinez began in the early 1980’s when Omar was the Senior pastor of Chaparrastique Baptist Church in San Miguel, El Salvador. (San Miguel is El Salvador’s third largest city, located in the eastern portion of the country.) His passion for souls, his commitment to preaching God’s Word, and his heart for training pastors and missionaries for the future were a perfect match for the Mission and Vision of Good News In Action. Thus, the ministry partnership began providing him support in all 3 areas. In 1992, Omar was sent out by the Chaparrastique Baptist Church to San Francisco Gotera, in the Morazán department of El Salvador to establish a local church in that area.

Today (11/2017), Good News Baptist Church has not only reached hundreds for Christ in Morazan and grown into a very strong church in San Francisco Gotera, but it has also established many other congregations in Morazan (4 in Cacaopera, 2 en Corinto, and 1 in Osicala). They have a presence in 4 of the 26 municipalities of Morazan and strive daily to train men who can be sent to establish strong churches with sound doctrine in the remaining municipalities. In 2019, they will be establishing a new church in San Miguel.

A balance between bold and dynamic outreach and intentional discipleship/leadership training as been their method of ministry over the years. In addition to evangelism being their lifestyle, once a year they hold Judgment House for two weeks in which the gospel is presented through a drama. In 2017, over 1,000 people attended and 175 made professions of faith in Jesus Christ. Once a year they also do Vacation Bible School, 150 children attended in 2017, opening the door to reach many families. Discipleship I is offered to every person who makes a profession of faith so that they might grow, become established in God’s Word, in the church, in a small group, and in ministry service. Discipleship II is offered to every person who successfully completes Discipleship I, so that they make be prepared to Disciple others. In 2017, 26 people have taken this course. Camps and Retreats are held yearly to help build up individuals and families. Finally, leadership training conferences are held on a regular basis. In 2017, 100 people have attended leadership training, and 70 pastors and leaders have received continued training in God’s Word for their ministries.

Please join us in praying for Omar Claros in San Francisco Gotera, his wife and helpmeet Vilma, for Good News Baptist Church, for the 26 who are currently receiving Discipleship II training, for all those who preach God’s Word in this and the other churches in the family of churches, for each one of the mission churches, for God’s provision in each one of the churches, and for the church they plan to establish in San Miguel in 2019.