Ramiro Claros, Corinto El Salvador

                                                                                                                   (Updated October 2017) 

Since its birth, it is an honor for Good News in Action to have supported the Buenas Nuevas Church in Corinto, Morazan, El Salvador, a remote mountainous town located 125 miles from San Salvador in the north-east corner of the country. Ramiro Claros, born 1/29/1978, raised in San Miguel, saved at the age of 7, baptized at 12, taught children’s classes by 13, called by God at 16, prepared academically through the Bible Institute, and tried in Youth leadership is their Senior pastor. Ramiro and his wife Eugenia, married in 2006, have 3 beautiful children, Ana Ester (2007), Esteban Josue (2009) and Pablo Omar (2013). Eugenia, a school teacher by profession, home schools their children, providing for them an education far superior to anything available in the remote area where they live. She is also Ramiro’s right hand and full partner in ministry.

Corinto was once a religiously barren town void of sound Biblical doctrine, where the Bible had no relevance. This is where Ramiro was called by God to serve, and 12 years later God has brought forth much fruit. Through the ministry of this church God has called many to be His disciples, another family to serve full time along with the Claros, and a young man, Giovani, who He has called to preach, capable of taking Ramiro’s place one day. He has also raised up a beautiful church building, strategically located in the center of the township that is a precious tool for this ministry.

The heart of Buenas Nuevas is consumed by their purpose to “Make Disciples of Jesus Christ in every nook and corner of Corinto”. Their heart is to reach the 5,000 that live in the town, as well as the other 12,000 or more that live in the surrounding mountains. To reach the town, they hold evangelistic activities on a regular basis right where people live, work, and relax. At church, Ramiro is committed to Expository preaching of the Scriptures, discipleship, and every ministry to grow and train the believers. His passion to make disciples is unquenchable. They also take the gospel every Saturday to remote areas and are filled with joy over the number of disciples the Lord continues to raise up. New families continue to come, new disciples are being raised up. They have reached 115 people thus far and planted an innumerable quantity of seeds. Recently, Ramiro was accepted at the New Life Baptist Seminary so that he can pursue his Master’s Degree in Divinity. Unquestionably, another answer to prayer.

Prayer Requests:
• That the Lord would open more doors for them to preach the gospel in every nook and corner of Corinto.
• That every person reached for Christ will be discipled, especially those reached in the mountainous regions.
• That those disciples who they have reached over the years may become men and women used by God to take His Word to every nook and corner in Corinto, and from Corinto, to the rest of the world.
• That the Lord would protect them from unreasonable and evil people who seek to harm them and hinder the progress of the gospel.

Here are a few recent photos (2017) from the church and ministry of Buenas Nuevas Corinto.