Omar Claros, San Francisco Gotera


Good News in Action’s history with Pastor Omar Claros Martinez began in the early 1980’s when Omar was the Senior pastor of Chaparrastique Baptist Church in San Miguel, El Salvador. (San Miguel is El Salvador’s third largest city, located in the eastern portion of the country.) His passion for souls, his commitment to preaching God’s Word, and his heart for training pastors and missionaries for the future were a perfect match for the Mission and Vision of Good News In Action. Thus, the ministry partnership began providing him support in all 3 areas.

In 1992, Omar was sent out by the Chaparrastique Baptist Church to San Francisco Gotera, in the Morazán department of El Salvador to establish a local church in that area. The vision was to plant a church with strong leadership and from that church, establish the Missions Training School.
Twenty-Five years have passed. God has used Omar to establish Good News Baptist Church which has a very strong membership. He has also used Omar to establish the missionary training school and train and send over a dozen pastors and missionaries to towns, as well as remote areas, in the eastern areas of El Salvador such as Cacoapera, Oscicala, Corinto, Casario Los Fuentes, San Jose La Fuente, and many others.
The missionary training school is a center for leader, pastor, and missionary training on a Central American level. Below is the Mission Statement and goals.
The Mission: Prepare, equip and train faithful workers for the work of Christ through the local church to be sent out to turn the world upside down.
The Goals:
To enable the workers with God’s strength making them capable of taking the Gospel of Christ to every place under every circumstance.
To train the students spiritually, emotionally, physically and economically so that they will be fully competent to develop the work of Christ on earth.
To equip the students with effective tools so they may maintain their ministry as well as meet their necessary physical and material needs.
To train every student in the practical development of the ministry for the local church.

We invite you to watch the following clip from a worship service with over 300 in attendance at Iglesia Bautista Buenas Nuevas in San Francisco Gotera.