Pedro Escobar, Zacatecolouca

Pedro y Reina Escobar ZacatecaloucaPedro Escobar Cubías was born on April 27, 1963 and his wife, Reina, was born on April 3, 1965. They happened to both live in the same neighborhood which led to them meeting each other when Pedro was 19 and Reina 17 years old. After dating for 4 years they were married in 1986. Five years later, Pedro’s brother, Israel, invited them to his church, Peniel Baptist Church in San Miguel.

On November 22, 1990 Pedro received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in that church in San Miguel where his brother, Israel, was the pastor. Reina Isabel trusted Christ as her Lord and Savior just 3 days later. Their new lives in Christ inspired them to seek discipleship. Three years later they were sent out with Pedro’s brother, Israel, and his family, to plant a new church in Usulután. Pedro served as a missionary in this new church in Usulután for 10 years while he also studied theology in a Bible Institute in San Salvador.

One night while the pastor was preaching, he challenged all those present to come forward if they had a burden for missions. Pedro knew immediately that the Lord was calling him to enlist in the new team for missions. However he was worried if his wife would also be willing. After committing his concern to prayer, he asked the Lord to confirm the call by also speaking to his wife and giving her a burden for missions also. And that is exactly what happened, Reina shared with Pedro that same day that she felt that same burden for missions.

So, in 2003 Pedro was commissioned as the founding pastor for the new mission in Zacatecoluca. Raising up a mission has been very hard. The citizens of Zacatacolouca are rather closed to the Word of God. Since the mission’s beginning, Pedro and Reina have worked very hard, as a team, in areas such as discipleship, Sunday school, and evangelistic outreaches all around the city.

The church currently (2014) has a membership of 45 adults and 85 children. Reina has clearly been an excellent helpmeet to Pedro in the expansion of God’s Kingdom through the ministries of this mission in Zacatecolouca.

Zacatecalouca 1Pedro and Reina had always wanted to be parents, however they suffered 4 miscarriages. In 2001 they began their quest to be parents another way, through adoption. After years of waiting the Lord blessed them with Steven Salvador, who they adopted at the age of 2. Steven is now 5 years old and attends Kindergarten.

A few words from Pedro: I can identify with Gideon and Jonah. God used His Word to call me to the mission field He had for me, just like He did with them. Also the mission was very similar, Until He returns, take His Word and preach the gospel so that more brothers and sisters are raised up in His grace.  My burden is for souls, I desire to be an instrument in God’s hands.

A Little bit about “Siembra la Semilla” Baptist Mission in Zacatecoluca:

  • On August 3, 2003, Pedro made his first scouting trip to Zacatecoluca
  • Some days later Pedro began to share his vision and mission with other families he hoped to recruit to form his work team
  • A few months later Pedro secured a location for the mission to meet at in Zacatecoluca
  • On February 14, 2004 “Siembra la Semilla” Baptist Mission was officially born
  • Several members from the church in Usulután committed to financially support this new work
  • The greatest need at this time is the financial support for the work. Unfortunately, during a normal church service only $7-$11 is collected during the offering. This is not enough to cover the needs of Pedro’s family or the costs associated with the church such as the rent, repairs, utilities and materials.
  • Please pray for the people of Zacatecoluca, they are very closed to the evangelistic outreaches
  • Currently they are trying to reach out in their community by providing breakfast every Sunday morning for the very under privileged children
  • Their prayer ministry meets every Wednesday to pray
  • Every Sunday morning they have Sunday school for all the children
  • Every Sunday afternoon they have a church service.
  • Pastor Pedro is very grateful to Good News in Action and the support this ministry has provided for him, his family, and his work, since the very beginning of the work.
  • The Baptist Mission in Zacatecoluca would like to establish a new mission in a small town in San Vicente in the near future

Some specifics from 2013:

  • Approximately 1,500 people have heard the gospel through the different ministries of the mission
  • 9 people were added to the church
  • 7 new believers were baptized
  • The current total membership is 135, this includes adults, youth, and children.
  • The actual ministries and leaders are as follows:

o   Women’s Prayer Ministry: Violeta de Gavidia

o   Sunday School: Reina Isabel de Escobar

o   Youth Group: Alex Portillo

o   Evangelism: Elíseo Roque

o   Discipleship: Pedro Escobar

Pedro Escobar Zacate