Ramiro Claros, Corinto

Ramiro Claros and Family 6.14 2Josue “Ramiro” Claros Araujo, Pastor, Buenas Nuevas Corinto, Morazan, El Salvador

Ramiro was born on January 29, 1978 in San Miguel, El Salvador. He was the third child born to Pastor Omar Claros and his wife, Vilma. He came to know Christ at the age of 7 during a Sunday school class in which his teachers were teaching about Jesus and His disciples. His decision was sincere and from that day forward he has continue to be a faithful disciple.

Ramiro was baptized at age 12 and by age 13 he was teaching the Bible to children ages 5-7. The first class he taught was on Noah’s Ark, which he did using a television set fabricated out of a cardboard box. Many of the children that were in that class even today still remember his memorable and creative technique.  It was at this time that Ramiro suspected that the Lord had something special for him.

At age 14 the Lord called Ramiro’s parents to leave Iglesia Bautista Chaparrastique in San Miguel, where they had been serving for 12 years, to move to the remote area of Morazán, a mountainous and valley area that had been devastated physically and spiritually by the Civil War in El Salvador (1979-1991). During their first year (1992) the family traveled weekly from San Miguel to San Francisco Gotera in Morazán, and by the end of that year they lived completely in Gotera. During the next 3 years Ramiro traveled daily, one hour each way, back to San Miguel to attend High School, a great character growing time.

By age 16 Ramiro began to read the Bible with persistence and commitment, he also began to take seminary classes through the Kansas City Baptist Temple Extension program, like his father had already done. During this time he met Eddie Martin who offered to take him to the states to study in the best seminary but Ramiro felt the Lord wanted him to stay in El Salvador and continue learning under his father, which he continues to do even today. The Lord had also allowed him to meet other fine men of God who encouraged and taught him, such as Leo Humphrey, Steve Kern and Julio Contreras.

At age 17 Ramiro began a college degree program in Business Administration and was invited to be Rene Antonio Claros’ youth pastor assistant in Gotera. In 1996 Rene was sent to Cacoapera to pastor the church there and Ramiro was given the Youth Pastor position in Gotera.

1996 began somewhat of a parentheses in Ramiro’s ministry in El Salvador. He was granted residency in the United States and a scholarship to study English. During that year he lived between Maryland and Virginia and also was able to preach to the Hispanic group at Greenbrier Baptist Church and assist in their youth ministry. In 1998, back in El Salvador, he preached for the first time the Sunday afternoon service and by 1999 he was preaching weekly on Sunday mornings at Iglesia Bautista Buenas Nuevas in San Francisco Gotera, which he still continues to do today.

Between 1999 and 2001, Ramiro continued to travel when needed to the states in order to maintain his residency status, but after September 11, 2001 and the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, immigration laws became much stricter. In 2004 he decided to renounce his residency status in the US by returning his residency card to a judge and return permanently to El Salvador. 2005 was marked by Ramiro’s university graduation with the Bachelor’s of Business Administration he had begun in 1998 and a clear call on his life to be a missionary. On February 13, 2005 Ramiro was ordained as a pastor and commissioned as a missionary to the city of Corinto in Morazán, El Salvador.

After a couple of failed attempts to find the “right girl” the Lord blessed Ramiro with Maria Eugenia, the perfect helpmeet. They were married in 2006 and have enjoyed a perpetual honeymoon ever since. Maria Eugenia is a Elementary School Teacher and is currently home schooling their children. The Lord has blessed them with 3 children, Ana Ester in 2007, Esteban Josue in 2009, and Pablo Omar in 2013.

A Little History on the Buenas Nuevas Baptist Mission in Corinto:

Corinto mission 1Corinto mission 2

Buenas Nuevas Corinto was established in 2006 and led by the Claros family and the Luna Family, they have worked together as a team from the very beginning. At the same time a mechanic’s shop was also established by them in order to provide support to both families and the church during the first years. Later on it was closed because although it did provide nicely for both families and the church it consumed too much time and became increasingly more difficult to balance the ministry and the shop. So then, Ramiro embarked on some agricultural farming and ranching, although he knew very little about either subject, to provide for his family and support the ministry. The Lord helped him, he was successful, and the Lord used this to reach many people for his Kingdom. It is interesting the things the Lord uses to reach the lost for him….

Today the church is in the process of preparing leaders for its service. In 2014 Ramiro and his team started their first seminary group with 4 men. Ramiro is convinced that he will be able to reproduce his passion for expository preaching and disciple making in these men. They are also currently raising up funds to purchase some property which is valued at $60,000, then they hope to build a sanctuary and operational base to reach all the scattered surrounding villages found in the steep mountainous and deep valley terrain of Morazán. From Corinto they hope to send these men to preach the gospel and start more works no matter how hidden the lost  might be in the mountains. The Lord has already provided half of the needed funds; they trust the Lord for the other half which they should pay by the end of 2014 if they wish to have this property. Then the building project will begin.

Since early 2013 it has been clear that the devil would love to shut this work down and get the leaders to stop preaching the gospel, but thanks to the Lord, in the midst of the attacks, He has given more passion than they ever had before. The work in Corinto is difficult, many disciples have turned away, but others have moved forward with joy even more committed to reach Corinto for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since its birth in 2006, (2006-2014), Buenas Nuevas in Corinto has reached at least 100 people for Christ. They have had the privilege of baptizing 80 new believers. The congregation currently numbers 40 adults and 20 adolescents and children. There are 10 people currently in Discipleship I and another 10 in discipleship II.

Some words from Ramiro:

We want to thank Steve Kern and Julio Contreras and all they represent, Good News in Action and Vida Nueva, for not only being our good friends but for also taking care of us every time they have the opportunity. May the Lord bless them greatly.