Rodolfo Avendaño, Senior Pastor, Vida Nueva San Jose Costa Rica

December 2016

Rodolfo Avendaño, Senior Pastor, Vida Nueva San Jose Costa Rica

Rodolfo is a native of Costa Rica, born in Puntarenas on April 12, 1953 into a strong Catholic family. Since a very young age, Rodolfo wanted to know God but did not know how to find Him, his best attempt to find him through studying in a Catholic Seminary for one year only left him emptier inside. Finally at age 21, after trying sin of every kind, Rodolfo cried out to God from the depths of his heart. One year later, on June 12, 1975 God led him to Emanuel Baptist Church in San Jose Costa Rica, and there on that night, at age 22, he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord. His mother was extremely instrumental in his conversion, having been saved 3 years prior and having spent hours praying for her son’s salvation.

At the same time he prepared himself professionally as a Commercial Accountant and worked 5 years for the Central Reserve Bank of Costa Rica. He also grew spiritually through Discipleship and soon served the Lord as a Sunday school teacher, a youth leader, later on as a deacon and a treasurer. He attended the Emanuel Bible Institute for 6 years. Very soon thereafter, Rodolfo accepted the invitation by Senior Pastor Bill Murdock to join the Pastoral Staff at Emanuel and serve as an Associate Pastor which he did until 1982. In 1982, he became the church’s Senior Pastor and served in that capacity until 1996. At that time Rodolfo accepted the invitation to join the staff of a newly born church, Iglesia Bautista Impacto Vida Nueva led by a North American Pastor, Paul Collier. Rodolfo served in this church for 4 years.

Vida Nueva SJCR March 2014
March 2014

In 2004, Rodolfo and his wife, Rocio, moved to El Salvador to serve as the Pastor for Married Couples at Vida Nueva under the leadership of Julio Contreras and Steve Kern. In 2009, the Lord laid upon their hearts to return to Costa Rica and start Vida Nueva San Jose as part of the Expansion of God’s Kingdom through Metro America 020. Vida Nueva San Jose was established in January 2010. Rodolfo has been the Senior Pastor of that church since it’s birth.

Rodolfo and Rocio were married at Emanuel Baptist Church on December 3, 1976. Rocio also came to know the Lord through the ministry of that church. Rocio has been a faithful helpmeet in life and ministry. Rodolfo and Rocio have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren. Their oldest son, Esteban, born in 1978, is currently the Youth pastor at Emanuel Baptist Church in San Jose Costa Rica.

A Personal Word from Rodolfo:

As we move forward we will constantly be sharing Christ with those who do not know Him, preaching the Word expositorally, praying without ceasing, being a godly example to others, and reproducing our marriage in others as a visual of Christ’s sacrifice for His church, that others will see God’s love through our lives and want what we have. We believe that the Lord will do great things here.