Vida Nueva, San Jose, Costa Rica

December 2016

Rodolfo Avendaño, Senior Pastor, Vida Nueva San Jose Costa Rica

Rodolfo is a native of Costa Rica, born in Puntarenas on April 12, 1953 into a strong Catholic family. Since a very young age, Rodolfo wanted to know God but did not know how to find Him, his best attempt to find him through studying in a Catholic Seminary for one year only left him emptier inside. Finally at age 21, after trying sin of every kind, Rodolfo cried out to God from the depths of his heart. One year later, on June 12, 1975 God led him to Emanuel Baptist Church in San Jose Costa Rica, and there on that night, at age 22, he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord. His mother was extremely instrumental in his conversion, having been saved 3 years prior and having spent hours praying for her son’s salvation. Read More>>


December 2016

Edwin Alexander Bejarano Torres, Ministerial Director, Vida Nueva San Jose Costa Rica

Edwin Alexander Bejarano Torres was born in San Salvador, El Salvador on June 27, 1978 into a very poor but hard working Catholic family. When Edwin was 9 years old, in 1987, a group of people came from a Christian church to his neighborhood to do a puppet drama and then came back every Sunday to take all the children who wanted to go, to church, this continued for 2 years, however Edwin still did not fully understand what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  At age 11, (1989), a combination of extreme poverty, a massive earthquake, and the civil war forced Edwin to go to work. At this point he was no longer able to attend the Christian Church he had been attending. By age 13 he was forced to also drop out of school, but fortunately was able to return to night school at age 14. He graduated from High School with an emphasis in Computers in December of 1998. These were very difficult years in Edwin’s life, he was rebellious towards God, living a wild life and at age 19 (April 1998) fathered a child, Edwin Jr. outside of marriage. Read More>>

March 2017

Vida Nueva San Jose Costa Rica

Vida Nueva San Jose Costa Rica was established in January 2010 as the fourth mission church of the Metro America 0 20 and Good News In Action vision to reach Latin America for Christ. It was established by Rodolfo and Rocio Avendaño, native Costa Ricans, who had spent 6 years serving under the leadership of Vida Nueva San Salvador and Julio Contreras and Steve Kern. Since its initiation until present day (2/2015), Vida Nueva San Jose has had the opportunity to share the gospel with about 36,000 people in Costa Rica through evangelistic outreaches, medical teams, visitation, and at church. 2,203 people have made public professions of faith during these same activities. 46 people have been baptized at Vida Nueva San Jose and 35 people have been or are still going through the discipleship process. Vida Nueva San Jose has 10 established and strong ministries in order to serve their church body and their community. (Praise and Worship, Children’s, Youth Ministries, Women’s, and Men’s Ministries, Evangelism and Discipleship, Married Couples Groups, Counseling, Kid’s Clubs, and finally, Ambassadors). Read More>>