Testimony of a First Timer

“We feel particularly blessed to have been given the priviledge of getting in on the ground floor of the new work in Guatemala City. At first, we regretted not getting to spend the week in El Salvador, but the week in Guatemala was great! From the food and hygiene kit distribution and building a home for the widow and her children at Santa Rosa de Lima at the beginning of the week, to the preaching and/or witnessing in parks, malls, schools, and communities at night, it was an outstanding week in every way. Thank the Lord for over 750 who professed their faith in Christ. We continue to pray for Nelson, Rosemary, and their family, and for the new church in Guatemala.” -Bob Griffin, Gulf Shores, AL

“We feel that we were very privileged to have been able to go to Guatemala with the rest of our team from First Baptist Church in Gulf Shores and to work with the El Salvador translators to bring the gospel to such wonderful people. It’s just amazing to see God work through us who feel so inadequate – but God uses a willing heart. It was amazing to see the Holy Spirit guide us to the right people in the park and how each team member was directed to people who were receptive to the gospel and ready to receive Christ.” – George & Phyllis Holman, Realtors, Gulf Shores, AL

“What a wonderful week with the Lord we had in Guatemala City. I have gone out witnessing a lot before, but I have never seen people so hungry to hear what you had to say about Jesus. Even the ones that wouldn’t take our literature, still wanted to hear what we had to say, from the homeless with whom I shared Jesus, to the policeman who listened attentively. I have always wanted to go on a mission trip and I finally got to go. What a blessing God gave me and I will never be the same. Thank you, God.” – Art Purvis, Truck Driver, Florissant, MO

“The week I spent in Guatemala City was definitely a life-changing experience. There is no greater joy than spreading the news of our wonderful Lord in a place where people so desperately need to hear about him, and where they are actually receptive to listen. This was in fact, my first mission trip. I was so nervous, and scared of sharing the gospel. I prayed constantly, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I was able to overcome this fear, and in fact lead many people to Christ. My most memorable moment of the week came when we were witnessing in the mall. My interpreter and I were speaking with a young boy around the age of 15. He proceeded to tell us that he had been doing work for the devil, and was unsure if he could be saved. He wasn’t even sure if God could overpower the devil. I prayed during this time more than any other. The Holy Spirit was in our midst like I have never known. All of the words I spoke came from Him, and through encouragement of God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness, this young man prayed to receive Christ in his heart. The whole experience was very overwhelming, not only for me, but also for my interpreter. The power of the Holy Spirit was so strong, and the forces of evil that did not want to let this boy go were also very apparent. Jesus wins every time! Praise the Lord! My prayers are still with this young man. I pray that he has continued on the right path, and that his heart remains strong with Jesus. Though there were many amazing stories during this incredible trip, this one stood out in my heart, and in my mind. Serving the Lord is the greatest thing that I can and will ever do. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing mission trip.” -Wendy Callaway, Cardiac Rehab Nurse, Gulf Shores, AL