Vida Nueva Bogota, Colombia, January 1, 2018

Taking Advantage of Opportunities.

Exposing the identity of the “Unknown God” (Acts 17:22-23).

Conference For Professionals: “The Road to Transformation”
Exposing the identity of the unknown God to every creature represents enormous challenge when it is transformed from a Biblical strategy to an actual ministerial action. God has granted us the privilege of connecting to the reality of people living in Bogota through cultural, social, economic as well as academic arenas. However, we had a “very steep hill to climb”, if you will, with regards to reaching those who are difficult to reach: mainly businessmen of a higher social and economic standing. Fortunately, God’s time came, the opportunity presented itself, that moment to trust Him drew near, “our Areopagus in Bogota” arrived (Acts 17:22-23). So we went ahead and shared the gospel with many influential businessmen in a conference titled “The Road to Transformation.” The speaker was Carlos Perez, a member of Vida Nueva Bogota. He led this conference which was attended by colleagues and friends of many businessmen within our church.

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