Vida Nueva Bogota, Colombia, July 1, 2017

Growth in any area of life is always a reason to rejoice, a baby, a new plant, an academic process, a professional accomplishment. When talking about God’s Kingdom in Bogota, growth has come both in quality as well as quantity in the sense that God has added to the church people that are genuinely interested in knowing Him through the exposition of His Word. Likewise, there has also been spiritual growth in the lives of the believers, who, by means of their personal battles, are growing towards maturity little by little. This encourages us and confirms once again that the vision that God has given us to plant strong Bible churches from Colombia to the nations is well on its way to being a reality and this really excites us! And we know it excites you too! With great joy, we now share with you two of our main efforts that serve towards the advancement of God’s Kingdom:

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