Vida Nueva Bogota, Colombia, October 1, 2017

Let’s Establish Churches!
Under this catchphrase, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary with a conference in September. Grateful to God and to all those who have supported this work, even before the ministry began in Bogota, we want to recognize all those who have participated in all the Lord has done in these last 3 months; you have prayed, visited, evangelized, provided, fasted, and worked hard in this ministry which has, by His grace, made it to the 3-year mark, with so much satisfaction in the Lord.
While looking back is biblically accurate in the context of “contemplating the works of God” (which we confirm when we look back), we also must keep in mind that “looking back” for any other reason than this could cause us a setback; so, it’s best to focus on what lies ahead, that is, what is in front of us in the short, mid-range and long terms. Looking at what lies ahead is exciting, it’s about moving forward, it’s about having a vision, it’s about being aware of where we are and having a clear vision as to where we are going, and it’s about living between the tension of both things. With this in mind, we Celebrated our anniversary conference “Let’s Establish Churches”.

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