Vida Nueva Guatemala, October 1, 2017


Greetings Beloved Friends and Co servants! It is an honor to share with you some of the activities and events that God has allowed us to experience during this third quarter of the year. You all are a very important part of what you are about to see and read in this report, some of you have been right here in the middle of it with us, others keeping a close watch, others praying, and many who have given of their best. Thank you for your participation!!
During the month of July, we completed the Christian Camps International training titled “Constructing Relationships”. The closing activity was sensational for all those who participated from our congregation. They participated in a camp where they could learn side by side with other believers from other churches, experience a learning atmosphere in camps, and put into practice all the tools they had learned. This fills us with joy because we could see in them a heart, an enthusiasm, and an impressive willingness to serve the Lord not just in a camp setting, but rather in any ministry where their gifts could be a blessing to so many others. We give God all the glory for this.

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