Vida Nueva, Managua, Nicaragua, Campus Los Robles

Rodrigo and Miriam Diaz

Rodrigo Díaz was born into a Christian home on January 12, 1984 in San Salvador. He was the first of 3 children and only son. He came to Vida Nueva when he was 8 years old with his family, who was in the process of finding a church where they could attend regularly. The years went by, and at age 14 he trusted Christ as his Lord and Savior. At age 18, at youth camp, God called him to dedicate his life to ministry, Rodrigo surrendered to that call.

In 2001 he completed his high school studies and in 2002 began his university studies in Public Relations and Communications. In 2004, out of necessity, he suspended his studies and began to work until 2007. At this same time Rodrigo began serving in the youth ministry at Vida Nueva San Salvador and attending the Vida Nueva Bible Institute and Seminary. It was during that time that God made his call to ministry very clear providing details and direction. Also during this time, in 2005, Rodrigo met Miriam, the daughter of a pastor, and believer since age 11. Miriam was studying for a career in Early Childhood Education, which she completed in 2011, and was also serving the Lord in her father’s church.

In 2007 Rodrigo responded to the call to go and serve as a missionary alongside the Canizalez Family in Vida Nueva Managua for a year. During that time he served in their youth ministry, and helped with worship and evangelism. When he returned in 2008 he began serving as the High School youth pastor and worked from 2008 to 2011 in that capacity.  Rodrigo and Miriam were married on December 18, 2011. On June 21, 2012 he returned to the mission field in Managua Nicaragua with his wife Miriam.

From June 2012 to February 2013 Rodrigo and Miriam teamed up with Felix and Dinora Canizalez in Vida Nueva Managua. Their main responsibilities included discipleship, youth ministries, evangelism, and worship production. In February 2013 the decision was made to form 2 campuses in Managua to reach more people for the Lord. So Rodrigo and Miriam began work on what was soon thereafter named the “Los Robles Campus”. During the first 7 months they were devoted to evangelism, visitation, discipleship, and the formation of small home groups. September 29, 2013 was a very special day; the Los Robles campus was born and first met as a church at the Brandt Hotel.

Today (February 2017), Vida Nueva Managua, Los Robles Campus, is a young church still in formation at just 3.5 years old. Their current membership is 40 adults and 15 children. The Youth Group, which encompasses both Managua campuses, has grown and consistently has 27 in attendance every Saturday. 14 one on one discipleship relationships are currently ongoing. A beautiful family of 5 was recently baptized!
Rodrigo and Miriam have one son, Rodrigo Alfonso, their first child, born in April 25, 2017.

February 2017
February 2017
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