Vida Nueva San Jose Costa Rica, April 1, 2018

Eighth Anniversary Celebration

Anniversary Trip
We have arrived at 8 years as a church and we celebrated our anniversary with a trip, taking advantage of having a membership of 70 and still being able to drive together. This 8-year journey has not been easy, but it is through our trials that God’s power is seen most. At the beginning, we met in Pastor Rodolfo’s garage, later moving to a larger garage of one of our members, and later rented a location in Gravilias. Due to the growth of our church, we strategically moved to a Hotel in downtown San Jose and have since moved to our current permanent location. Today, we know we need to continue with construction in our current location, but haven’t done so because we are renting. We ask for prayers that we would be able to purchase this building and continue expanding.
We have experienced many joys and victories in the lives of the people we have ministered and thank God for every transformation that has occurred in them.


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