Vida Nueva San Jose Costa Rica

March 2017

Vida Nueva San Jose Costa Rica

Vida Nueva San Jose Costa Rica was established in January 2010 as the fourth mission church of the Metro America 0 20 and Good News In Action vision to reach Latin America for Christ. It was established by Rodolfo and Rocio Avendaño, native Costa Ricans, who had spent 6 years serving under the leadership of Vida Nueva San Salvador and Julio Contreras and Steve Kern. Since its initiation until present day (2/2015), Vida Nueva San Jose has had the opportunity to share the gospel with about 36,000 people in Costa Rica through evangelistic outreaches, medical teams, visitation, and at church. 2,203 people have made public professions of faith during these same activities. 46 people have been baptized at Vida Nueva San Jose and 35 people have been or are still going through the discipleship process. Vida Nueva San Jose has 10 established and strong ministries in order to serve their church body and their community. (Praise and Worship, Children’s, Youth Ministries, Women’s, and Men’s Ministries, Evangelism and Discipleship, Married Couples Groups, Counseling, Kid’s Clubs, and finally, Ambassadors).

Since its initiation, Vida Nueva San Jose has occupied 5 different locations as a church. Their current location is an exciting story that unfolded in 2014. After an exhaustive search for a new meeting place, mid way through the year, the Lord guided Rodolfo and Edwin to a piece of property, 475 square meters in size (5,100 square feet), in the centrally located in La Plazoleta in San Antonio in the Desamparados sector of San Jose, right on the main road. The land was for lease and the new renters could do anything they desired to the land to improve it. Negotiations were quick and Vida Nueva San Jose obtained a 5 year lease on the property. The land was in very bad condition and the primitive structures on it were also very dilapidated. Almost immediately the Lord provided the funds for them to virtually tear down, and clean out everything and then transform the land into a home for Vida Nueva San Jose. To the Glory of God, they had their first Sunday service on August 17, 2014. To this day (April 2017), Vida Nueva San Jose continues to meet at that location and continues to grow and transform lives, inside and out.

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March 2017 Rodolfo and Rocio with German and Angie


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