Vision, Mission & Strategy


We exist to glorify God being used by Him to expand His Kingdom through evangelism, church planting, the sustaining of those churches, and leadership training.


To partner with God in the harvest of MetroAmerica 020 and the establishment of 50 churches by 2025.


A) Going: Since its beginning, Good News In Action has always had a passion to go, find the lost, and reach people where they are with the Gospel. Leo called it marketplace evangelism because, in Central America, the marketplace was the center of the life of the cities as people needed to go there every day to buy and sell. We believe that Mark 16:15 teaches that we are to go to the world and preach the Gospel and not wait for them to come to us.

B) Sending: Another passion of Good News In Action has been to not only go and share the Good News with the lost but also to send workers to the harvest where they can reach more people with the Gospel and plant church-planting churches that will reproduce the ministry. The goal of Good News is to help start 25 churches in the cities larger than one million people and 25 churches in neighboring towns in the MetroAmerica 020 area by the year 2025.

C) Teamwork: Good News In Action has always been committed to teamwork. Teamwork is one of the most important principles of the Bible (God Himself is a team – Father, Son & Holy Spirit). In the book of Acts, one can see that teamwork was a key factor in Paul’s success in missions and church planting.

  • In the first place, Good News In Action partners with New Life Baptist Church in San Salvador, El Salvador. The ministry is under its authority and Steve Kern, the director, is also one of the pastors of the church.
  • In the second place, Good News In Action partners with Christians and local churches from the United States. Thousands of people have made professions of faith when teams have come from the U.S. to partner with the churches in MetroAmerica 020 to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. After the teams return to the United States, the local churches follow up and disciple new believers. The short term trips have not only led to the conversion of thousands, but also many men and women have ended up on the mission field after making the trip.
  • In the third place, churches and Christians in the states partner with Good News In Action through financial support of the missionaries and new churches. Without their financial support, it would have never been possible to start over 40 churches and reach over 220,000 people with the Good News since 1985.
  • In the fourth place, when new churches are planted in MetroAmerica 020, a team is always sent to evangelize, disciple, and start the church. Ideally, one of the members of the team is gifted as a pastor and one of the other members of the team is gifted as an evangelist.
  • In the fifth place and most importantly, Good News In Action is totally dependent on God to accomplish its mission and vision. It is committed to prayer and the crucified life so that God will control all of those who team up with Good News In Action by His Holy Spirit.

If Good News In Action is going to reach its goal of helping start 50 new churches before 2025, we will need you to team up with us. Please prayerfully consider how you might partner with us.