Vision, Mission & Values


To influence the Salvadorian family so that it glorifies God and to establish five churches like New Life in five different Metro American cities before the year 2014.


We exist to glorify God, being channels to expand His Kingdom and transform lives.


Many things are important in ministry, some things are simply not negotiable. These non-negotiable elements make up our values. We believe with all our heart that if some day we are able to reach great goals in human terms, but we do it by violating these non-negotiable elements, we will have failed in our intent to be the church that God wants us to be. New Life Baptist Church holds 5 essential values:


We are convinced that we exist to glorify God. He is the ultimate goal we seek in all we do. We believe that man’s ultimate goal is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Romans 11:36. Given the fact that God is so valuable to us, we believe that He should guide us in all we do. For this reason, it is essential that we be in intimate and continual communion with God, consulting Him on every decision. There is nothing more important nor of higher priority than to take heed of this in the ministry.

This intimacy with God should govern the individual lives of every member of the congregation, as well as the decisions made by the leadership which will affect the direction of our church. We must not compromise in this area. Intimacy with God is our priority.


We value the Bible as our authority because it is the Word of God. It is the means that God has chosen to communicate Himself with us, establishing it to be the highest authority above His creation. Psalms 138:2. All human authority must be subject to this highest authority established by God. For this reason, every person at New Life must be committed to studying it and applying it to all areas of their lives. Likewise, every church service, ministry, program and plan in our church must be carried out in accordance with the Bible. The Bible is our authority.


Just like with God and His Word, we value the souls of men because they are eternal. Everything else is temporal and will fade away one day. We are convinced that Jesus Christ suffered and died for people. He established the church to care for people. We believe that the ministry is all about people. For this reason we must take care of them, serve them and treat them well. The church is a service institution established to serve people.

Although Jesus Christ died for everyone, every single person is important. Understanding that people are one of our values necessarily implies that we treat every person in every circumstance with compassion, kindness, tenderness and gracefulness, always seeking the best for that person. Only this way will we fulfill Jesus’ words when He said that the world will know that we are His when they see our love for one another. John 13:35. People are our reason for being.


We value a righteousness life both in public and in private. We believe that our character is an expression of who we are; we are convinced that our behavior expresses the person of Jesus Christ in our life. Although we recognize that it is impossible to reach perfection in this body, we believe that it is our duty as Christians to challenge ourselves to possess a lifestyle that is similar to that of our Lord. For this reason we value conducting our lives with the highest standards of honesty, integrity and righteousness. Titus 2:11-14. Honor must be one of our motivating factors in our life. And this honor must be reflected in the big things as well as the small things of our life. Our “Yes” must be “Yes” and our “No” must be “No.” Before both God and man we are called to live blameless lives. Righteousness is our lifestyle.


We value ministerial work done to honor our Lord in a manner that He is worthy of. We believe that if something bears the name of Jesus, it deserves to be done as well as possible. We believe that the excellence of God was manifested in all of creation and was finished when Jesus went to the cross, God gave us the very best He could give. For this reason, every activity, as small as it may be, must be done with the highest quality we are capable of.

We recognize that striving for excellence is difficult. For this reason, we value that attitude of being positive and always striving to seek solutions rather than only seeking problems. We understand that being in the ministry implies living to solve problems. In addition to having a positive attitude, we value that of being proactive. In our church’s ministry and in the Christian in general, it is necessary to have initiative and be a self starter. We strive to be efficient. This demands a good use of our time and of the time of others. We believe in responsibility and in punctuality. Excellence is our standard.